Poulos Moving System is a quality business and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. I had a one bedroom apartment that I needed moved from Monterey to San Francisco. Pete came by to give me an estimate and we figured around $1,000+ since I had only a minor amount of furniture and personal items. He was patient and carefully explained the difference between a weight based and time based estimate. Very friendly and approachable guy. Pete asked me to call the police department in San Francisco ahead of the move to coordinate any parking permits that I might need for the day of the move.

Being lazy, I made that call less than 72 hours before my move. SFPD informed me that I would be SOL because I called too late to get the permit and the space blocked off. That worried me Really, really worried me in fact.

A week later, two members of Pete’s team, Aaron and Brian, came by exactly when they said they would. These two young men were dynamos. Extremely polite and friendly, they got right to work and had the truck completely loaded up in less than two hours. (Poulous had delivered boxes to me and I had packed most of my personal items up myself)

I told the guys that we might have problems when we got to SF because I had failed to secure the permits. They were optimistic and assured me that they would get things done.

They arrived to the new place in SF and managed to slide their truck into my driveway between two impossibly close parked cars. I was really impressed with these two guys. They jumped out, got to work again and the entire move was complete in another 1.5 hours.

The entire job came in $100 less than the estimate. It was a perfect move - on time, on budget, and with a level of customer service that one RARELY sees anymore. I was very, very pleased.

Rob H.
San Francisco, CA

Wow! These guys were fabulous. I contacted the owner a few days before the move. He answered the phone after hours, was easy to communicate with and quickly put together a contract. His team was professional, neat and clean, on-time, and courteous. This was an emotional move for my Mother and I couldn’t have found a better company.

Nothing was a problem, every member of the staff was great, and they didn’t put 1 scratch on my Mother’s black lacquer baby grand piano. Anytime I was discussing an item to move with my parents or started to work on something, a member of the staff jumped in to help or take over. I wish Pete well on his business. Thanks Pete for everything!

Angie’s List Member

Pete Poulos is a class act with a remarkable professionalism. Part of what was delightful about him and his team is that they were sincerely unaware of their their excellent reviews on AL.

As far as their services are concerned, the standouts are:

  1. The estimate was authentic. No hidden charges, no make- it- up- as- they- went- along shenanigans. 100% integrity.
  2. His team of movers are kind, funny, and with confidence moved the moat precious of items with equal care as an inexpensive item. They do the packing and take away the concern and worry about the details. They are professional and humorous at once. Truly delightful. They exude trust and demonstrated it.

Without hesitation it was the best moving experience of my life. And I am a homebody creature of comfort. They respected this utterly. Integrity and care are worth every dollar spent. If you care about your belongings and life’s personal effects; call Pete. He will make your move an easy experience! Thank you!

Angie’s List Member